by gold gloom



sad nostalgic tunes


released January 26, 2016




gold gloom Abbotsford, British Columbia

2 girls from the fraser valley making sad dreamy tunes in their bedrooms

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Track Name: envy
i am sitting in the shower
been here for an hour
i don't ever want to get out
i don't want to leave my house


pick up a retail job
get stoned and drink a lot
i want to be a mess
i'm running from success


spilled pills all over my bed
i'll pop them until i'm dead
nothing's working anyway
everyone i know i envy
Track Name: pls feel happy
drove around in your car
last sunday night
i'll sit in the dark with you
if thats what you want

i didn't know what to do
when you couldnt stop crying
but i'll listen to you
if thats what you want


i try to be a good friend
i broke my last cigarette
but i'll try to fix it for you
if thats what you want

we can burn down our bodies
and do all of things
he never wanted to do
if thats what you want

[... to them, like, actually kind of thinking it was something real... if its gonna be over, its gonna be over and you can't always be trying to fix things. its not good for you]

i'll take you to my school
we can just hang around
and get high on the weekends
if thats what you want

[... cause my parents have never really had faith in any relationship ive had and i think thats always made it kind of hard... this is the closest relationship to them, like, actually kind of thinking it was something real]
Track Name: from
really wish with all my heart
i wasnt going to work tomorrow

and the next day after that
it drains me and my whole fucking soul

all i ever wanted to do
with you
was make a bed

all i ever wanted from you
was to be
inside your head

ill be waiting right outside
if you change your mind just let me know
Track Name: ahhhh (pill bby)
popping lexapro
till im immobile
i dont want to leave my bed
i'll stay inside my head
i'll cut off all my friends
i wont speak to anyone again

and when i'm near the end
i will shave my head
drop out of beauty school
despite what everybody says

i'll die in the same town
that i was born in
i never want to be
anyone important

i was born a moon dust birth
i wasn't meant to live on earth
Track Name: spitboy
fucking w my head
try to fuck me in her bed
stoned and warm and sad
telling all your friends
i'm a dirty drama queen
i'm having fever dreams
but i'll do whatever you want
if you can only be less mean

sell my soul for you
hopefulness turns blue
i can learn to be unhappy
settle down and marry you
new life clings to her
for some reason it hurts
i want to be accepted
i want you to feel unsure