heart eyes

by gold gloom

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lily rich
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lily rich this album is honestly so special to me. i always listen to it when i am feeling bad
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Jupi love this!!!! love it so much!! Favorite track: ???.


a collection of love songs for february. featuring: 2 gender confused teens, crushin on bobby z from a goofy movie, a girl x her mdma, love letters written in blood, a boy x his alien, and more


released February 10, 2016




gold gloom Abbotsford, British Columbia

2 girls from the fraser valley making sad dreamy tunes in their bedrooms

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Track Name: blood love
i wrote your name in my blood
because you're the one i love
i don't want to be myself
when i'm without you
i want to wear your clothes
so that everybody knows
you belong to me
and i belong to you
even though i moved away
i want you to stay with me forever
i don't want to be apart
i'm in your body, i'm in your heart
forever we'll be together
Track Name: girlfriends
i didnt want to wake you up
i feel like i cant do enough
i want you to feel my love
but i cant share my feelings no i'm not that tough

staying up until the morning light
work tomorrow but i'll be alright
if youll just close the windows and hold me so tight
baby girl i'm sure that i will feel fine
Track Name: ???
i miss you every day
when the lilac chips away
there will always be dark blue
i will always think of you

i wish i didn't leave
i'm glad i didn't stay
i still feel sick
when i think about that day

i'm swallowed by an ocean
when i hear your name
i will never be rid of guilt
it lives inside of me
Track Name: party girl
all day
she's doing mdma
hanging around in parking lots
throwing up in her back yard

i will do drugs every day of my life
i will do drugs every day

she asked
whats the point of it all
going out with bare feet
waking up with bruised knees

i will do drugs every day of my life
i will do drugs every day
Track Name: glowboy
met him at the old wood fence
knew we could be friends when
i saw his eyes were glowing
bc i always felt like one of him

trusted him to trust me
when took his hand despite being
afraid of his unearthly glow
i stopped caring to know

he took me to his leader
they covered me in water
he was covered in my blood
i thought it was love
Track Name: bobby z
i wanna be ur bby
i want u to spit on me
i wanna be ur only love
don't wanna let u go

bobby z,
u can take me to the skate park
bobby z,
we can hang around there after dark
bobby z,
i don't care what anybody says
i wanna hold ur hand

i'll pretend that ur a real boy
if i could only find my dream boy
he would be a lot like u are
don't want to let u go