rosemary & honeydew

by gold gloom



compiled our two fall/winter eps into a short album xoxo please enjoy


released December 16, 2016




gold gloom Abbotsford, British Columbia

2 girls from the fraser valley making sad dreamy tunes in their bedrooms

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Track Name: janine
its cold outside
i feel tired
im not that scared
rain in july

your dad called
he wants you home
wishes you'd
talk to your mom

the sky looks dull
i feel that way
rain in july
rain in july
Track Name: talking to him
i've been talking to him
haven't slept since
i got home

i'll be talking to him
where he's always been
as i've grown

step outside my body
i need to grow more
water me

i feel it right outside
can't soak up the light
i am home

i'm bursting through my skin
my blood swims
i am home
Track Name: le froid cruel
i love you
dont you love me
don't you want me
to be happy

i need you
don't you need me
don't you take me
as i am

Track Name: carwash
my parents wanted to know how youve been, how youve been
and my vaguest remarks havent done very well to explain it
but i havent given up yet darling cant you wait and see
what we can be

i'm a carwash, ill touch you whenever you want
whenever you want, whenever you want

oh honey i believe you no matter what
no matter what, no matter what

i promise it's evolving
now ?
Track Name: obsession
i will build you a shrine
go there all the time
write your name in my blood
on my body my love

i don't want to die
you keep me alive
i won't be alone
you're calling me home

when i called your phone
a voice said you were gone
but i will never give up
my darling my dove
Track Name: who is she
(she is: a conglomerate of every cis girl i am not)
she is so beautiful
nothing like me
im becoming her
she leaks into me
who is she?
who is she?
who is she?
who is she?
Track Name: bitter sour
i will hold my own hand
i will cry in my own bed
you will fuck other girls
youll repeat your lines
i will make new friends
i will pass you by
you will text me someday
you will wonder why
i'm not calling you back
i'm not calling you back
i'm not calling you back
i'm not calling you back
Track Name: boredom bleeding
watching reality tv
no place i would rather be
i wanna watch forensic files all day

i wanna be high for the rest of my life
picking flowers in the summertime

where'd you go
all alone
i'm reading books
i'm writing poems

i wish you knew
i'm not like you